Blue Corn Café featured in North Carolina Homes

We were recently featured in an article, here’s an excerpt:

Blue Corn Café is a locally owned and operated Durham, NC restaurant that has a menu resembling Mexican cuisine, but is actually a Latin-fusion, pulling from styles and flavors from all over South America. At 22 years old, Danielle Rios opened the Blue Corn Café in 1997, alongside her husband Antonio, with the idea of serving up “eclectic food” to the community that didn’t sacrifice quality. The duo stayed true to their roots and developed a menu with everything from fresh plantains, to picadillo, to fried calamari and steamed mussels.

“I noticed so many people ate what was put in front of them, without considering the beginning and ending source,” Rios says… Read the rest of the article on North Carolina Homes.


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