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Dinner Menu


Chips and Your Choice of Salsa

A plentiful amount of mixed corn tortilla chips served with any of the following salsas:
Regular, spicy chipotle, salsa verde or pico de gallo $3.50

Queso Dip

A blend of three cheeses melted to just the right consistency for dipping your chip. $5.25
With jalapeños, black or refried beans $5.50
With spinach $5.95

Queso Fundido

A small pot of melted cheeses mixed with roasted fresh poblano peppers and chorizo sausage. Served with chips for dipping. $6.95

Guacamole Dip

Freshly crushed avocado mixed with sour cream, garlic, cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice. $6.95

Platanos Fritos

Sliced plantains, deep fried and served with a sweet fresh mango & banana dipping sauce. Careful, they are habit forming! $7.95


Refried plantains, served with Andaluse sauce for dipping. $7.95

Plantain Sampler

A variety of all our plantains served with a combination of our dipping sauces. $8.95

Island Nachos

Corn tortilla chips topped with black olives, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes and a blend of cheeses. $10.95


Your choice of corn or flour tortillas topped with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, sour cream and guacamole. $9.50
With your choice of chicken or beef $10.25

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew

Our famous vegan stew. Sweet potatoes, corn, black beans and cilantro in a tomato broth. Topped with fresh avocado slices. $8.95

Fried Calamari

Fresh battered and fried calamari. Served with two house-made sauces for dipping: chipotle aioli and guava red chili. $9.50

Steamed Mussels

Fresh steamed mussels in a tomato and jalapeño creme fraiche. $10.95


Taco Salad

A crispy tortilla shell filled with black beans, rice, field greens, tomatoes, fresh mangoes, and topped with grilled skirt steak. Served with cilantro vinegarette. $11.95

Avocado and Tomato Salad

Mixed greens, avocados and roma tomatoes served with our house cilantro vinaigrette. $9.95
With grilled chicken $11.25

Chipotle Chicken Salad

Mixed greens with spicy marinated chicken, artichoke hearts, olives, feta and onions. Served with our house cilantro vinaigrette. $11.25

Casita Ensalada

Fresh field greens topped with tomatoes, garbanzo beans and cheese. Served with our house vinaigrette. $6.95

For The Carnivore

Bistec Milanesa

Thinly sliced flank steak marinated in mojo sauce, breaded and pan seared. Topped with
salsa cruda and served with black beans and saffron rice. Garnished with plantain chips. $13.95

Pollo y Carne Fajitas

Chicken, steak or a mix of both sautéed with bell peppers, tomatoes, and
onions. Served with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, and tortillas. $15.95

Fajitas Fantastico

Shrimp, steak and chicken sautéed with bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions.
Served with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, and tortillas. $16.95
Shrimp only $18.95


Cuban-style ground beef dish. Simmered with raisins, olives, onions, carrots, tomatoes, capers and more. Served over a bed of saffron rice and garnished with plantain chips. $12.95

Ropa Vieja

Steamed beef of the bone, simmered in a traditional red sauce Served on a bed of saffron rice and topped with sautéed onions. Choose a side of tortillas or Cuban bread. $12.95

Roasted Pork Barbacoa

Blue Corn’s rendition of a barbacoa osso bucco. Slow roasted on the bone, served on a bed of charro beans, rice and steamed greens. $15.95

Pollo Milanesa

Chicken breast lightly breaded and pan seared. Topped with a vegetable chutney and served on a bed of black beans and rice. $12.95

Platanos con Pollo

Marinated and grilled chicken breast stuffed with ripe, sweet plantains. Topped with a fresh vegetable chutney. Served with black beans and rice. $13.95


Your choice of beef or chicken stuffed inside two flour tortillas with cheese and grilled until golden brown. Served with rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole. $10.95

Chicken, Rice and Bean Burrito

Marinated chicken, black beans and rice stuffed in a large flour tortilla. Topped with salsa, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. $9.50

Chicken and Mole

Simmered chicken breasts in mole sauce (thick sauce consisting of pine nuts,
pasilla, habanero, chipotle peppers and cocoa powder). Served with rice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and a side of tortillas. $13.95

Chicken Tinga Tacos

Two soft flour tacos stuffed with shredded chicken tinga.
Topped with citrus cabbage slaw, pico de gallo and fresh avocado slices. Served with
Black beans and saffron rice. $12.95




Plantain encrusted mahi-mahi filet, seared and topped with an organic raw chutney.
Served with saffron rice and black beans, and garnished with seasonal plantains. $15.95

Poached Salmon

8 oz salmon filet topped with a citrus and avocado chutney. Served on a
bed of saffron rice and fresh slaw. $14.95

Fish Tacos

Seasonal white fish battered and fried. Served in soft flour tortillas,
With fresh slaw, pico de gallo and sliced avocado. Served with black beans, saffron rice
and sweet plantains. $13.95

Seafood Paella

Fresh mussels, shrimp, calamari and seasonal white fish, simmered in a
lobster-based broth with saffron rice, zucchini, sweet peas, onions, tomatoes. $14.95

Vegetarian Dinners

We offer vegan cheese on request for a simple up charge.

Grilled Eggplant & Roma Tomato Quesadilla

A quesadilla stuffed with a mix of cheeses, grilled eggplant and roma tomatoes. Served with mashed sweet potatoes, black beans and plantain chips. $11.95

*G Vegetable Fajitas

Fresh vegetables (zucchini, bell peppers, yellow squash, onions and mushrooms) sautéed with Mexican oregano and olive oil. Served with refried beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guacamole. $12.95

Cheese Quesadilla

A flour tortilla filled with a blend of white cheeses and grilled until golden brown.
Served with saffron rice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, and your choice of beans. $8.95
With Spinach $9.95
With Spinach and Mushrooms $10.25
With fresh grilled vegetables $10.95

*G Black Bean Tortas

Black beans, eggplant, peppers and plantains blended together to make a vegetarian delight. These two griddle cakes are topped with a fresh pineapple & mango chutney and
served with fresh slaw and saffron rice. $12.95

*G Empanada

A handmade-to-order corn shell stuffed with spinach and cheese, topped with
salsa verde, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. Served with rice and black beans. $12.95

Stuffed Poblanos

Two poblano peppers stuffed with a white cheese and potato filling, batter-dipped and fried. Laced in a tomatillo salsa and served with rice and black beans. $11.95

*VG Black Beans and Rice

A large bowl of our vegan black beans simmered with saffron rice. Garnished with sweet plantains and served with flour tortillas. $9.95


MON-FRI 4pm -5:30pm

The Vegetarian

Soft corn tortilla with grilled squash, onions peppers and cabbage Topped with lettuce and cheese. $2

The Cuban

Cuban picadillo in a hard shell corn taco. Topped with lettuce and cheese. $2

El Pollito

Pulled and marinated chicken, onions and peppers in a hard corn taco. Topped with lettuce and cheese. $2

The Mexican

Beef barbacoa in a soft corn tortilla. Topped with lettuce, cheese and Pico de gallo. $2

The Caliente

Soft corn tortilla stuffed with chicken tinga, lettuce, cheese and spicy chipotle sauce. $2

Your Own Combo

Choose any of the following to make your own plate:
Taco * Burrito * Taquito * Enchilada * Tostada * Chalupa * Flauta

Choice of one with rice and beans $7.25
Choice of two with rice and beans $8.25
Choice of three with rice and beans $10.00

Choice of fillings for your combos- Spinach-cheese-grilled vegetables-
Shredded chicken-Tinga chicken-shredded beef-ground beef-
Cuban picadillo- Pork barbacoa


Side of charro beans $2.00
Side of sweet mashed potatoes $2.75
Side of black/refried beans $1.75
Side of saffron rice $1.75
Side of citrus slaw $2.50
Side of grilled veggies $2.75
Side of guacamole $1.75
Side of sour cream $0.75
Side of tortillas $0.75

Gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more.
Please inform your server immediately of any food allergy!
*V=vegan *G=gluten free